Paper Bag Dictionary

Types Paper Bag Handles

Paper carriers have three different types of handles: rope, twist and flat.

You might think that handles are very small parts of a bag, but they make all the difference! It’s important to make sure you pick the right type of handle for your business’s bags.  

Graph describing the type of paper bag that a business might need

Rope Handles

Rope handles are made of long, soft fibres laced together in a cord to make a very strong paper bag handle. Their thickness means they don’t dig into people’s hands when there is a heavy load in the bag.

Rope handles are found on our luxury paper gift bags which also have 140gsm laminated paper and reinforced tops and bottoms, making these our strongest bags!

Also known as cord handles, these handles have a smooth finish and are very durable. This means that they are both upmarket and sturdy. Luxury paper gift bags are popular with department stores, boutiques, jewellery and gift shops, for voucher packaging and for promotional events and conferences.

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Twist Handles

Twist handles are made from long strings of paper twisted together so that they become both strong and rigid. The special machine that makes twist handles engineers them so that they can endure a lot of strain. Our coloured paper bags feature twist handles which (like the rest of the bag) are certified as compostable and recyclable according to EU standards.

Shopping bags with this type of handle are popular with retail businesses, tourist attractions, promotional events and exhibitions. Like all of our products, coloured paper bags can be fully customised to suit your brand.

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Flat Handles

Flat handles are made by folding the ends of a standard length of strong paper and attaching it to the bag in a handle shape. Also known as “paper tape” handles, they are the most economical type of handle and are a feature of our plain paper bags.

All-purpose plain paper bags come in both brown and white and the handle colour matches the rest of the bag. Flat handles give the bag a minimalistic design and are easy to hold. Plain paper bags are very easily recycled, adaptable to a wide range of uses and are great value!

Paper Bags with flat handles are very popular with delicatessens, coffee shops, DIY stores, garden centres, and retail businesses. They are also available in a special wide-base size (also known as patisserie carrier bags) which are used to carry food items like cakes which must be kept upright to prevent spillage.


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