Graph describing the type of paper bag that a business might need

With Handles

A carrier bag is a bag with a handle. All bags with handles are called carrier bags and we can supply you with customised bags or stock designs. Our  collection of carrier bags includes:

Our most stylish and upmarket bags and are very popular with boutiques, department stores, jewellers, vouchers and large events.

These are our most environmentally friendly bags and come in a huge range of colours to suit your businesses brand. They are locally produced in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.

These carriers come in brown and white and are incredibly versatile. They are used by a huge range of businesses including retail shops, delicatessens, coffee shops, bakeries, garden centres and DIY stores.

without handles

There are two types of bags that don’t have handles. Firstly, there are bags which lie flat on a shop’s counter top. These bags are called counter bags. Secondly, there are bags that can stand on their own. These freestanding bags are called SOS bags or block-bottom bags. Unlike the flat counter bags, SOS bags have a bottom and hence have a depth measurement or “gusset”.

We sell wholesale counter bags online and brown SOS bags instore (which can be ordered over the phone). All types of bags can also be customised with your branding.

Featuring vibrant colours and adorable patterns, these bags are locally made in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. They’re very handy to have on the countertop and to pop one or two small items into (e.g. postcards and sweets). Colourful flat counter bags are very popular with craft and gift shops, newsagents and coffee shops.

SOS or block-bottom bags are made from heavy grade, extra strong paper and are designed to be carried under the arm. While we don’t yet sell this bag type online, we stock six sizes of brown SOS bags instore which can be ordered by calling 016204413.