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Our entire branded range can be fully customised. All paper bags, tissue and wrapping paper can be personalised and printed with your logo and branding.


Benefit from the experience of our design team to create a highly visible brand on your printed paper packaging which will appeal to your target market.


Our design process offers you unparalleled freedom of choice in designing your fully customisable printed paper bags, tissue and wrapping paper.

Branded Packaging

Essential Advertising for your Business

Imagine making a lasting impression on your customers and everyone that they pass on the street. 

Advantages of Custom Packaging

Increase your competitive advantage by extending your customer’s shopping experience

Communicate to your target market and grow recognition of your brand

Impressions matter and with well-designed bespoke packaging your customers will see a valued brand.


Design Process


Straightforward Design Process

Please note:

  • While we don’t customise orders of less than 1000, if you order a box of your chosen unbranded bags you can also order personalised stickers in small quantities from our sister company Walsh Printers Roscrea and stick them to the bags yourself!
  • Lead times for branded products can be 6-16 weeks from the date of artwork approval.
  • Not sure what a word means? Check out our paper bag glossary.
Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum order quantities

Carrier Bags

Luxury Carriers (with Rope Handles)
Product Dimensions Minimum number of bags
Extra-Small W= 114mm G=64mm H=146mm 1,000
Small W= 175mm G=75mm H=225mm 1,000
Medium W= 250mm G=120mm H=300mm 1,000
Large W= 300mm G= 100mm H=400mm 1,000
Regular Bottle Bag W= 92mm G= 88mm H=380mm 1,000
Large Bottle Bag W= 185mm G= 88mm H=380mm 1,000
Carriers with Twist Handles
Product Dimensions Minimum number of bags
Small W= 180mm G=80mm H=220mm 10,000
Medium W= 255mm G=120mm H=305mm 5,000
Large W= 320mm G= 120mm H= 410mm 5,000
Extra-Large W=450mm G=150mm H=490mm 5,000
Carriers with Flat Handles
Product Dimensions Minimum number of bags
Small W=180mm G=80mm H=220mm 5,000
Medium W=225mm G=120mm H=305mm 5,000
Large W=320mm G=170mm H=420mm 5,000
Extra-Large W=450mm G=470mm H=480mm 5,000
Regular Bottle Bag W= 92mm G= 88mm H=380mm 1,000
Special wide-base bags W=320mm G=170mm H=270mm 5,000

No Handles

SOS Bags
Product Minimum number of bags
4x6x9” 10,000
10x15x12” 10,000
7x11x13” 10,000
10x15x16” 10,000
12x19x17’’ 10,000
Chemist Bags
Product Dimensions Minimum number of bags
Size A W=100mm G=152mm H=203mm 10,000
Size B W=127mm G=177.8mm H=229mm 10,000
Size C W=152mm G=203mm H=305mm 10,000
Size D W=179mm G=254mm H=355mm 10,000
5″ SOS Bag W=127mm G=216mm H=248mm 10,000
7″ SOS Bag W=178mm G=280mm H=330mm 10,000


Gift Wrapping Paper

50 rolls of gift wrapping paper (50mm x 100m)

Greaseproof Paper

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Tissue Paper

50 reams (each of 480 sheets). Each ream measures 500mm x 750mm

Coffee Cups

6,000 cups

Printed tape

72 rolls


100 stickers

These can be ordered directly from our sister company Walsh Printers Roscrea