In the Beginning

Way back in 1948, James Francis Walsh, an entrepreneur from Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, decided there was a need for a printing service in the town. He established Walsh Printers Roscrea just off the main street (where it remains today, run by James’s son Desmond).
The printing business provided flyers, books and leaflets for the local community and businesses however there was no local packaging supplier. James saw this and decided to invest in two machines which made paper bags. As demand grew, more machines were added and the people of Tipperary had beautiful paper packaging. At that time, Ireland’s transport system was not as developed as it is today and it was very difficult to reach customers outside of the local area. James decided that the business needed a presence in Dublin.

J.F. Walsh
Shauna Walsh and her father Des Walsh

A new generation

James came across a stationary business called Little & McClean which was for sale in Belfast. Little & McClean had been running since the 1920s and had an excellent reputation. In 1959, James purchased the whole lot (name and all) and moved it to Dublin. Today, it continues to sell the environmentally friendly paper bags manufactured in Roscrea by Des’s daughter (James’s granddaughter) Shauna.

Little and McClean

Little & McClean faced several challenges during it’s years in Dublin. First located on Summerhill and then on Harmony Row (off of Pearse St), it was forced to move twice because of fires (which are not particularly friendly to a paper-based business!). Through determination and the support of its loyal customers in the retail and wholesale trades, Little and McClean prevailed and today supplies packaging to all of the 32 counties of Ireland from the store in Park West in Dublin which is run by Gary Wright. Little & McClean was where Gary got his first job out of school, and we’re delighted that he’s still here today! Gary loves to chat with customers who drop in and always offers them a cup of tea. Thanks to him, the kettle is the most important piece of equipment in the office! Gary is the heart and soul of Little & McClean but it’s safe to say that the number one place in his heart goes to Liverpool F.C. . Let’s just say it’s no coincidence that the company colours are red and white!

Gary Wright, General Manager Paper Bags Ireland
Paper Bags Ireland Logo

Paper Bags Ireland

Today, we trade online as Paper Bags Ireland but we are proud to retain the name our generations of instore customers know us as- Little & McClean. We are proud to continue our legacy of providing fast lead times, low minimum quantities and unbeatable service.
Please contact our team to benefit from their years of experience and find out how we can help you!