Recycled Paper Bags

Saving the planet in style!

Why should I use recycled packaging for my shop?:


Your customers appreciate environmentally friendly packaging


It makes your business more environmentally sustainable


You get great quality as well as piece of mind!

Irish consumers prioritize products with less packaging

49% of Irish consumers said that they preferred buying products with less packaging. This was even higher than international consumers, 37% of whom prioritized buying products with reduced packaging. 

Its important to insure that your reduced packaging is: 

  1. Attractive
  2. Will protect your product
  3. Sustainable


Showcase your brand- product packaging is your last opportunity to communicate your brand to your customer. Leave a lasting impression on your customers with perfectly designed packaging

Protect your Product

Excellent Quality-when you reduce the volume of packaging, its important not to comprise on quality. Your product still needs to be protected and your customer will not compromise on this!


Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging to seal the deal with your environmentally-conscious customers


Eco friendly AND attractive

Can use look out for bags with the Ashbury logo in our unbranded range or get in contact to discover how we can customise branded packaging for your business.

Who says recycled paper bags can’t be pretty? The bags produced by our sister company in Co. Tipperary are recycled, compostable, biodegradable AND adorable.

Eco-friendly Paper Bags

Your printed bag should be as distinctive as your boutique so it is recognisable to customers. Printed bags are your calling card for your boutique and should reflect the look and feel of your store.

We offer a fully bespoke design service so no two boutique bags are the same and are individual to each business.