Did you just search google for paper bags Leinster or Leinster packaging? Well, google brought you to the right place!

Whether you’re looking for branded or unbranded packaging, our Dublin based store has a huge range of options to choose from. Paper Bags Ireland (trading as Little & McClean) is proud to serve customers from all over Leinster.

Our continued commitment to the environment means you can offer your customers peace of mind about the source of your packaging.

We supply pharmacy bags to chemist’s in Meath and Wexford, colourful counter bags and luxury colour tissue to boutiques in Wicklow, veterinary bags to vet practices in Meath, brown paper bags for delicatessens in Laois, luxury gift bags for opticians in Offaly and tourist attractions in Kildare- not to mention the branded packaging we customise for businesses throughout the country!