Halloween Packaging

Will your shop stock bags that trick or treat?

Themed Packaging

Spooky Halloween Packaging Collection

WoOoo!! With the 31st of October fast approaching, order your Halloween themed paper carrier bags and packaging and transform your business into a spooky shop of horrors.


Environmentally Paper Bags

Our black and orange environmentally friendly coloured paper bags with twist handles (pictured) are perfect for costume shops, gift shops, boutiques (ladieswear and menswear), department stores, interior design and shoe shops, sports shops, florists, promotional events and exhibitions, large Halloween parties and of course, large scale trick or treating!


Add a touch of sophistication 

Customers associate luxury visuals with good quality brands and products.  Our highest quality bags are a brilliant marketing tool for your business. Upmarket luxury paper gift bags with rope handles are available in black, white, gold and silver and are popular with department stores and boutiques.


Look your best 

Lastly, our black and orange luxury tissue paper adds a wonderful finishing touch to your packaging’s presentation. It adds a spooky theme to Halloween shop window displays and creates a thrilling atmosphere when used for party decorations.

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